jessi_godsgift (jessi_godsgift) wrote,

So, for my further education on whats been going on since the last time I was down here (here being Earth, of course), I have been watching digital cable...and I'm kind of appalled.

Who the hell said I hated gay people? I certainly didn't say that! I know my dad is ok with it, and my mom well...lets not go there.

So where did you people get the idea that I would spurn them? If you *knew* everything that I knew, obviously you wouldn't assume that kind of shit.

Also, the bible? Not to be interpreted word for word. At all. Period. In fact, a lot of stuff that "I" said is really stuff that the authors wrote.

Oh, and let me get one thing straight with you all right now. Judas did what he HAD to do, else you all would be pretty screwed right now, wouldn't you? Stop painting him in such a bad light. He isn't a bad guy, and frankly I really wish he would stop beating himself up down in hell.

Although, I am pretty pissed he only got 30 pieces of silver for my arrest and subsequent death. He could have gotten SO MUCH MORE. *sigh* oh well.

So lets see, last time I was on earth, you guys were still wrong about my gender (not entirely your fault, I know) you all hated sex, you were burning "witches" (psssst~ They knew their herbs, and could have helped with that whole plague thing but...whatever) and general humanity was pretty much one big prude fest.

...doesn't seem like much has changed. Well, except for the cars. Last I knew, people either walked or rode horses/carriages if they could afford it.

Oh, and for the record, the last time I was here on earth was about... 300ish years ago. Your attitudes didn't impress me so much, so I decided to stay in the background and watch.

To be honest, you guys STILL don't impress me. Maybe I'm broken, or something.

Oh, and sidenote~ I just found out Luci is here on LJ! Looks like she got bored playing down in hell. I need to ask her a couple things...I think I'll write her a letter... 
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