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You know what sucks about being the daughter of a deity? People are CONSTANTLY calling on you. For instance~ This is a sunday. Wonderful, wonderful sunday, at which point my dad said "and let people rest" or whatever when he made the earth.

So thats what I was planning to do on this beautifully lazy day--and then it starts. At first, it starts as a whisper, and I can't understand it. I think I'm getting a message from the man upstairs, so I go up to check-nope, he didn't call me why? Oh, no reason. Ok. Ok.

So come back down here, get settled down again, and it happens again! Still just a tiny whisper, but this time I can definately hear "jesus" in it.

And then I realize. It's fecking Sunday, and for some unknown reason, I've started hearing prayers.

This totally sucks! As soon as I realized it, it became a fullblown roar in my head! Seriously, I do no appreciate this shit. I already DIED for you damn humans, can't I please, please, just enjoy my renewed life in peace!? I don't care about your problems. If you have a problem, go ask my father for help, because I am not in that industry at the moment.

I mean seriously!


That's not to say, however, that I don't like going to weddings. Which I did the other day. It was quite beautiful, and I was really happy to be present, and that my presence was asked for. It's fun doing the "invisible presence" schtick. The bride and groom looked amazing, and the bridesmaids were tres chic in their was all nicely done.

So bravo, to the couple who were married yesterday. ^__^ 
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